Learn to use IV sedation comfortably in your dental practice.

For the past 20 years, ASAAD has continually met the needs of general dentistry by offering courses that would qualify them for licensure in conscious sedation. This is recognized in 47 states. We will continue to give courses which meet these requirements.

The American Society for Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry (ASAASD) proudly sponsors an 80 hour, comprehensive, hands-on program in parenteral moderate sedation for dentists.  The program provides training that is consistent with the ADA’s 2007 guidelines for the use and teaching of anesthesia and sedation by dentists.  Program graduates have earned certification and practice parenteral sedation in many of the United States.

ASAAD historically has been the only society in dentistry to tell and encourage the general practitioner that he can use and should use sedation in the office. ASAAD has and will continue to disseminate knowledge and training in sedation for those who desire to attain these goals. There has always been a prevailing belief that dentists do not possess the skill or ability to use sedation. These beliefs have been fostered in ignorance and in order to benefit certain dental self-interests. Most so called difficult or impossible patients are in reality terrified of receiving routine dental care. For these patients, the best chair-side manner and local anesthesia are not sufficient. The vast majority of these patients can be treated properly and in a calm, pain-free atmosphere with the use of sedation. The use of sedation is also especially effective for long, difficult procedures such as surgical placement of implants and periodontal surgery.